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Back from FL

Back from Florida and visiting my friend(s) out there.

I had a very nice time. My friend, who I met on this website (though she long since left it for FB, the silly girl) is a very good hostess. We had a pleasant visit.

Highlights: We had some terrific food, some of it was eating out, but also due to the fact that my friend is a vegetarian (and also eats a healthy amount of vegan food as well, pun intended) we had some food at her apartment as well. All very excellent.

She likes to shop. It gave us something else to do while we visited and we had fun. She bought me a lot of gifts, both when we were out but also had them when I arrived, which she REALLY did not have to do but she's a very thoughtful girl and I absolutely appreciated it.

Her husband was able to break away from his work which was a project 4 hours out of town and take us to Disneyworld. We had a very nice time there as well. Hooked up with friends of theirs who have an autisic son who is very well behaved and almost non-verbal, due to his status we were able to ride some rides at Animal Kingdom that most people had to wait 2+ hours to ride. Let me tell you too, the Avatar rides are incredible. One of them was so immersing and possibly the best thing about my trip. It's 3D, on a large screen like an IMAX and you are riding an Ikran which is Pandora's version of a dragon. Now I love to read fantasy novels, and I was born the year of the Dragon, have *always* loved them. The contraption you sit on also "breathes" once the ride starts. It was SO much like what I always imagined riding a dragon might be like. It was so exhilerating that when we got off the ride I was shaking, laughing AND crying at the same time. It. Was. AWESOME.

It was well worth the day long treks to get back and forth across the country. I'm already not the biggest fan of flying. I'm not afraid of the flying itself, what I hate most about flying is how much an airplane feels like a flying hospital. Stale air, close proxy to ill human beings, germy sludge feeling making me want to immediately take a shower once I get out of one. The waiting sucks too, before and during flights. This time was particularly no fun. My flight out there got delayed and I missed my connecting flight. The attendents assured me that there are "lots" of flights to FL and not to worry. Apparently "lots" to those attendents is 2. I missed my flight by 10 minutes, it was just after 12pm Houston time, and the next available flight was 6pm (the last one was 8pm). The only reason I bring this up is it set a bunch of dominos to fall. I was up at 2:30am my time on the west coast. I was supposed to land after 3pm FL time. Giving me and my friend time to have an evening meal and likely go to bed and be well rested for the entirety of my trip. Nope. I landed instead at about 10pm FL time, past her bed time so she slept a little and got out of bed to come get me, I HAD to take a shower when we got to her place due to the above flight commentary. She wanted to get up at 3:30am her time for her usual workout time. What I SHOULD have done was sleep while she did that but I am a "do as the Romans do" kind of person. For the rest of the trip I had trouble not yawning and being tired most of the time despite the constant flow of caffeine and good for me food. Lemme tell you though, after yet another looonnngg day flying back (gladly no delays but on my last leg I was in a middle seat between 2 men of different generations who hogged both of the armrests next to me, what is fucking wrong with people nowadays.) I slept SO well.

Lover and I didn't text much while I was gone. I told him that it would be a good little break for him to continue to cool off about his promotion issue and time for me to get away from any drama and clear my head. We texted good mornings and goodnights and some greetings inbetween. When I returned he expressed how much the lack of communication sucked for him and how now he knows how it felt for me not to have that communication. He continues to apologize for what happened and I continue to tell him that I need to see it not the words. He does seem to be making more of an effort. Time will tell.

So a little family drama. There was a baby shower for my Sis in law (SIL). SIL is not the type of person who likes to exclude anyone from anything. She's got a big heart and hates conflict. Which is ironic because sometimes not inviting certain people actually avoids conflict at times. Anyway. If you've read here for any length of time you may remember the ugly estate issues my mum's side of the family had with my grandparents deaths. It pitted sister against sister against sister. 1 aunt, the reliable one, was the executor- and while I do believe she did some shady things, so did my other aunt. My mum was clean of shady things but she did her best to keep me on my mediation toes with her verbal spats with BOTH sisters. It got ugly. Now, some years later, the baby of the family still harbors ill will towards my mum and the executor aunt. For some reason she still talked to me. Both my mum and I have fairly regular contact with executor aunt. Base story laid, my SIL invited both aunts to the party. My immediate family instinctually knows that if one is going the other is not and because like I said before one of my aunts is the reliable one, the baby of the family not likely going to show. And that is what happened. Baby of the family texted me something about the other aunt being invited because she gives more expensive gifts and she got a courtesy invite. I texed her back that SIL is not the type of person to extend courtesy invites. I didn't get an answer for some days and then sometime overnight this week I got a long ass ranting text from baby aunt about old issues from the estate and being ripped off and that she's not talking to me anymore and blocking my number. Nice.

I'm not really concerned about it, our communication was limited anyway and honestly she used to be a fun aunt but she's gotten more bitter and more depressed as time has gone on. Her text was erratic and completely illogical and I just can't argue with stupid- she did me a favor by cutting off communication- I don't have to answer. She has FAR to many animals (mostly reptiles, but also dogs and cats) that she doesn't have the ability to care for properly. Has a 30+ year old daughter who has held maybe 1 job in her life living at her home with her I think 5th grader child. She has attached far too much importance to material things to make her happy and obviously she's still bitter about the material things she did not get from the estate even years later. I'm a little bothered by it because of her completely illogical argument but life does indeed go on.

My dad also has a bit of his own drama unfolding. After many years of poo-pooing going to the doctor he started to go due to a long term issue with his hip and possible hip replacement. Turns out some of his tests came out dirty and may have some form of prostate cancer. He did a second test and the levels were still high so next step is a biopsy and then possibly radiation. His next appointment isn't until mid december. So more later there.

Work is embarrassing. An incident here has shaken what remaining confidence I may have had in this agency. I have a lot of thinking to do about my position here. I'm tired of typing so...

Entered: 2017-11-18

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