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So I'm 41.

This year's bday passed with little fanfare, how I usually like it. It was a little bittersweet as I would have liked a (as in one, no more) friend, family or Lover to have joined me on my jaunt to spend the day on the beach. Though I'm fine by myself I think I was just in the mood to have some company. My mum tried. A friend said she wished she could go (without my asking but she was working). I didn't even ask Lover. Not seriously anyway. I ribbed him a little about never having a hookie day. He didn't do it, obviously. It was a really pretty day anyway. Got there at around 11:30am. Set up my little day camp with my beach shelter, chair, blanket, lunch, kite, and backpack with other provisions/entertainment. I read my Kindle some, walked the beach a couple of times, ate my lunch and had snacks, watched people and the beach fauna and flew my kite for at least an hour, sometimes standing and letting it go out as far as I could get it, and sometimes sitting in my chair with it floating in the air not far above me. I left late, pulling out of the beach parking lot around 7pm. Unfortunately traffic was horrible and it disrupted my zen. What should have been a 2 hour drive was 2.5. I hate traffic. Sadly I missed a better exit that would have saved me that half hour of sitting in frustration (for absolutely no reason, just poor road engineering- not enough freaking lanes).

I of course got some texts but I didn't speak to a soul (what's also great about the beach I went to, there is barely a cell signal so I just put my phone into airplane mode) until I was about 30 minutes from home when Lover called me. If I hadn't been stuck in traffic he would have come visit me to say happy birthday, that kinda bummed me out as he was on his way home. Even worse, he made it home about the same time I did. He coulda waited. Oh well.

He did come over today and he gave me a nice, small present. It was very good to spend some time with him though, it had been a while.

Speaking of which, I managed to stay put though Lover got smashed on his out of town trip mentioned in last entry and kept texting that he wanted me to come up there. I had dinner with a gal pal of mine and was really tempted to go after but I didn't. I fell asleep and the last text I got from him when I woke the next morning was "I can't find my hotel". Not very pleasant to wake up to, but I'd hoped that he eventually got there and passed out. I texted him and finally left him a voicemail when he didn't answer his phone. When he woke he called me. I wish he didn't drink that much when he goes out but, nothing I can control.

Anyway. I've gotten almost all of my bday gifts but I have one from an east coast friend waiting at my parent's house and an envelope that likely contains money if history repeats as usual from another. The last of my happy bday to me presents is also there. The custom made dragon pendant I got off of Etsy was supposedly shipped on 9-6 but USPS never updated the tracking it just sat in "pre-shipment" mode. When it didn't arrive by the 14th I decided to message the seller. (Theoretically it should have only taken 3 days at most to get to me from where the seller is.) I'd hoped maybe because it was small that it got left behind at his shop or something along those lines. He wrote back apologetically and advised he'd look into it. Basically it may be lost forever, so he sent me out a new one and said there was an "additional gift" inside for my trouble. I wonder what THAT is? :-)

I'm back at work now on the same shift with different days off after only 2 days off this week. I sent an email to the manager to ask about a near future vacation when I'm through training, which I don't anticipate taking much longer. I have "use it or lose it" time and gawd knows it's time for a vacation, my last being before I left the old job in February. I'm regretting a lot of things about taking this job. I'm still not sure the reasons I left outweigh the negative here or not. I guess only time will tell. Despite managements efforts to reign in overtime here, I continue to see a constant and steady stream of OT on the work schedule. I still do not get my breaks, nor does anyone else take them. Plus since I'm even more sedentary with this job, my body is feeling it. Joints have been aching, legs, hands, arms. So at the moment I am walking on the one and only workstation treadmill. No one here really uses it, when I've seen someone, it's usually on their lunch break at the defunct station that it sits at when not in use (gawd forbid they go out of the room and head upstairs to the perfectly servicable gym, they also don't leave the dispatch cave here which contributes to the "us vs. them" culture) I wheeled it over to a working station and have been walking for almost 2 hours so far. I think 2 hours will be good enough for today, if I overdo it I may get too sore and not do my workout at home tomorrow before work. I would like to continue this for the week and see how it goes.

That is all for now.

Entered: 2017-09-17

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